moulinroty stickers deco auto

moulinroty stickers deco auto

Car decorative stickers

Collection's history

Les Tartempois

From a country that’s fantastical, atypical, The Tar tempois, tread lightly through villages, over the countryside and beyond the hills.

Tightrope walkers, balancing bubble blowers, they fly from trapeze to trapeze. Gymnasts and acrobats, Les Tartempois scatter happiness and cheerfulness, like confetti, wherever they pass. Inventing stories for themselves and to share with others.

Product description

Repositionable stickers with all the characters of the range in their colourful and festive world. A joyful band of musicians off on tour, scattering a trail of stars, confetti and good humour!
Surface washable with a humid sponge.
Age of use Reference:
D3+ 662186
Size Material
34,0cm papier autocollant PVC

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